The Hail & Wind Warranty “bridges the gap” from your HOA’s high property insurance deductible and can eliminate nearly all out-of-pocket expense to every single member of the HOA for the next hail or wind claim.

The Colorado Front Range experiences 3-4 catastrophic hail storms per year (on average) causing more than $100,000,000 in damage annually.*

Hail & Wind Warranty covers a portion of the replacement costs of the roofing system and exterior surfaces when damaged by hail or wind**. Our patented and exclusive labor warranties are 100% custom to your individual property needs and are designed to bridge the gap of the HOA’s property insurance deductible.

  • ZERO Deductible Labor Warranty
    The Hail & Wind Warranty labor warranty is 100% custom to your property and does not include any deductibles. Our goal is make sure you are covered with no surprises.
  • True Lifetime Non-Prorated Labor Warranty Warranty
    The Hail & Wind Warranty is the only true lifetime warranty in the industry. No termination dates. Non-prorated. In fact, each warranty increases in replacement value over time as insurance deductibles and construction costs rise.
  • ZERO Deductible Labor Warranty
    The Hail & Wind Warranty is fully transferable between individual owners of an HOA. The peace of mind and financial protection provided by The Hail & Wind Warranty can increase property value by reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses from a hail or wind claim.
Protect Your HOA From Out-of-Pocket Expenses From a Future Hail or Wind Claim With The Hail & Wind Warranty.

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